Necessity is the mother of invention

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OMS OH MY SKIN Enzyme Cleanser

The Reason

Following a visit to a professional therapist back in 2013, which left her skin irritated, Danielle knew she needed a natural, convenient & cost effective exfoliation therapy that agreed with her sensitive skin.

Her 20 years of specialist, botanical knowledge & an expert team from Imperial College formed the solid foundation of OhMySkin.

‘With more people opting for acid peels and aggressive skin treatments, I knew that given a highly effective, natural alternative, it allows you to be kinder to yourself & the environment, yet still expect fabulous, professional results’

The Unique Benefits of OMS

OMS is a powerful, yet kinder exfoliant, it is also a well-conceived Home Therapy kit, allowing you to…

  • Become more intimate with your skin
  • Create a weekly exfoliation routine at home that will produce fabulous, professional-equivalent results
  • Refine and perfect your complexion with each treatment
  • Enjoy over 20 treatments, saving more than £1,000 on 20 equivalent professional therapies

Gentle, kind and effective

OMS contains no harsh acids, abrasives or micro beads

  • Harsh acids can indiscriminately burn the skins surface, removing new & old skin cells
  • Abrasives, can scratch the skins surface, creating micro abrasions & uneven exfoliation
  • Both can lead to thinning of the skin & premature ageing
  • Micro beads cause serious harm to our environment and are known to be finding their way into the human food chain

Dr Humble @ The Hedox Clinic

Dr Humble is the Medical Director and Aesthetic Doctor at The Hedox Clinic, based in Harley Street and Twickenham. 

He loved OhMySkin so much, when he had the opportunity to take on this product on as his own under the Hedox Clinic business, he jumped at the chance. Dr Humble is passionate about ensuring his clients take the very best of their skin in between treatments and believes at-home skincare regimens are just as important as any treatment done within the clinic. Effective exfoliation is vital to great skin. He recommends OMS to many of his clients as part of their weekly routines. Visit the Hedox Clinic for further information on Dr Humble. 

Dr Stephen Humble hedox

“Everyone can take the very best care of themselves, becoming more confident in their skin after one use, it’s wonderful!”

Effective after just one application

Results of a professional therapy at home, without the associated cost or inconvenience.