How OMS Works

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Before OMS therapy


An uneven surface traps oil & debris, creating blocked, open pores and outbreaks

Lower cell turnover

Dead cells dull the skins appearance by reflecting low levels of light

Dead cells absorb products, leading to wasted nutrition & moisture to live cell

After OMS therapy


Removal of impurities, reduction of pore size, reduction of outbreaks, skin scrupulously clean

Greater light reflection from smoothed surface, radiance and glow

Skin surface refined, firmed and lifted.

Luxuriously soft & smooth, fine line & blemish reduction, improved skin tone, invigorated & fresh

Increased absorption & delivery of nutrition.

Greater skin renewal, improved skin vitality, low product wastage


1) Fit headband to hairline

2) Attach 10x magnifying mirror to a window offering best natural light

3) Study the skin well in the magnifying mirror, identifying any problem areas

4) Apply product generously over a clean, dry face & neck, avoiding eye area

Flash Method:

The ‘flash method’ is a quick treatment for glowing results. Apply the mask & allow to dry on the skin for 30 minutes, then remove with warm water & the OMS Derma Cloth
Apply a SPF 30+ moisturiser for extra protection

Reactivate Method:

The ‘reactivate method’ is a very simple way of maximizing the effectiveness of the OMS Mask. Once the mask has dried on your skin, reactivate the plant enzymes by fine misting with water. Repeat as desired, 3 – 6 times +/- then remove with warm water using the OMS Derma Cloth Polish away any areas of loose cells & gently evacuate blocked pores by using the Derma Cloth covering the surface of your fingertips. Roll the skin for gentle pore release rather than squeezing. Apply an SPF 30+ moisturiser for extra protection

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