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OMS is all about taking charge of your skin, becoming more intimate & knowledgeable about its condition & areas of needed improvement. No single product will achieve everything you may need, but this thoughtfully designed kit enables you to give yourself the experience & results of a professional therapy at home, without the associated cost or inconvenience:

Step 1: Conveniently keep your hair at bay with the luxurious, fluffy headband
Step 2: Study your skin in micro detail with the 10x magnifying mirror
Step 3: Treat, firm & condition your skin thoroughly with a super kind, natural mask, following the instructions
Step 4: Cleanse, pore evacuate & polish your skin with the uniquely designed derma cloth

The OMS Exfoliating & Resurfacing Mask was created especially to eliminate the need for professional exfoliation and remove the harsh & aggressive acids, abrasives & micro beads, seen in the vast majority of exfoliating products. The natural plant enzymes replace the need for any of these damaging ingredients, which can scratch, burn & thin the skin, creating the potential for premature ageing. OMS is kinder to your skin & the environment. The unique combination of plant extracts then condition & feed the skin.

OMS was developed especially for those with a more sensitive skin that could not cope with the harsh ingredients found in the vast majority of exfoliating products.

However, some skins are particularly allergic to certain ingredients, i.e. Aloe Vera & we therefore suggest a 24-hour test patch if you have a particularly sensitive skin.

The plant active ingredients in the OMS Mask can reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and blemishes. Laboratory tests have proven the effectiveness of these actives.

OMS can help those with spots & blemishes. The overall therapy & formulation removes dead cells & detritus leading to a reduction of places for bacterial to lodge & grow. The evacuation of blocked pores will reduce the volume of break outs as the skin is infinitely cleaner. Not only does your skin look clean & glowing, it also feels scrupulously clean, which is very uplifting.

The formulation of our ingredients adds potent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which can really help skin conditions.

As with using any new product, it is always recommended to Patch Test, particularly if you have highly sensitive skin. Apply the OMS Mask to a small area of skin, leave (for 30 mins until dried) and then wash away using the OMS Derma Cloth. Wait 24 hours to see if you have any skin reaction. In the event of any irritation, seek medical attention if necessary.

OMS is formulated to be kind and gentle and a reaction is fairly unlikely. Although some people maybe allergic to one or more of our ingredients.

Yes, it is quite normal for the skin to colour & feel warm, as the plant enzymes are at work.
However, at no time should the mask feel uncomfortably hot or sting. If this takes place, then remove the mask with warm water & the OMS Derma Cloth. Seek medical attention if required.

Good Practice with all New Products:

The OMS Mask is a natural product containing kind ingredients, however there may be some who could react to one or more of the ingredients, i.e. Aloe Vera.
Therefore we recommend that you complete a 24-hour test patch to ensure you have no adverse reaction to our formula. Seek medical attention if required.

The ‘flash method’ is a quick treatment for glowing results. Apply the mask & allow to dry on the skin for 30 minutes, then remove with warm water & the OMS Derma Cloth. Apply a SPF 15+ moisturiser for extra protection.

The ‘reactivate method’ is a very simple way of maximizing the effectiveness of the OMS Mask. Once the mask has dried on your skin, reactivate the plant enzymes by fine misting with water. Repeat as desired, 3 – 6 times +/- then remove with warm water using the OMS Derma Cloth.

Study the skin well in the 10x magnifying mirror. Polish away any areas of loose cells & gently evacuate blocked pores by using the Derma Cloth, rolled over the surface of your fingertips. Roll the skin for pore release rather than squeezing. Apply a SPF 15+ moisturiser for extra protection

That depends very much on the individual’s skin & its current condition. Allow your skin to tell you!
If you have not used an exfoliating product for some time, then the likelihood is that you have some build up of dead skin layers & your complexion is dulled. The active enzymes will remove any build-up over a series of treatments & we recommend you use the ‘reactivate method’. You will notice the skins quality & luminosity will improve with each treatment, as the dead cells are removed & your pores are released from blockages.

Once the 50ml of Mask is used, you will need to purchase a new refill, by visiting our Products Page

To remove your internal pump bottle:

  • Pull the chrome nozzle away from the bottle, reasonably firmly & this will release the silver cap & collar from the outer bottle
  • Turn outer bottle upside down & tap gently to release the internal pump bottle
  • Place the new refill pump bottle inside the outer bottle, aligning the nozzle with the grove of the outer bottle
  • Replace The silver collar with a little downward pressure.
  • You will know when its replaced correctly, the collar will fit flush & click into position

The Derma Cloth has been especially woven for OMS. The waffle weave construction maximizes on surface ‘pick up’ to cleanse the skin thoroughly, whilst the cushioning effect minimalizes the potential of damage between fingertips and the skins surface, when evacuating the pores.

The suede surface of the cloth will gently polish away any lose cells.

We recommend you have two OMS Derma Cloths, one to use during your mask treatment,
the other for daily skin cleansing & removal of make up

Replace your Derma Cloths every 3-6 months.

The OMS Derma Cloth can be washed up to 60 degrees with normal washing detergent, reshaped & flattened to dry, naturally. Do not tumble dry.

To maintain the Derma Cloths good looks, wash only with whites & you may choose to wash at a lower temperature. Some bacteria are not eliminated on low temperature washes, unless you use an anti-bacterial washing detergent.

Replace your Derma Cloths every 3-6 months.

The skin on the chin & nose tends to be thicker & regenerates faster on than the cheeks, which tend to get less abrasion & touching. Therefore, the exfoliation to these areas may need to be more regular to keep them clear & luminous. The OMS mask can be applied to these isolated areas as a top up treatment. Use the OMS Derma Cloth to gently polish away any lose cells as an additional remedy.

The OMS formula not only removes dead cells, but also activates the skin to shed of its own accord & encourages cell renewal. The exfoliation & resurfacing will continue after the treatment is completed.

The internal pump works on a simple airless system & is suction driven, so in theory it cannot go wrong!

You will need to pump the bottle a number of times to draw the product out (as you would a spray bottle), making sure that the nozzle is aligned with the grove of the outer bottle, so it can complete its ‘full action’

If this still doesn’t work, then remove the internal bottle by pulling the chrome nozzle away from the bottle, reasonably firmly & this will release the refill & cap from the outer bottle

Ensure the pump at the top of the internal pump bottle is firmly screwed into position (losing no air) & replace. You will know when its replaced correctly, the collar will fit flush & click into position

It may be that you just need to prime the suction pump by pressing down a few more times!…

The OMS mirror is designed to mount on any glass window or mirror and be easily removed.

Slightly dampen the suckers and press firmly into position. To remove, pull gently, if this doesn’t release the mirror, carefully slide a finger under the suction cap to break the seal.

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Results of a professional therapy at home, without the associated cost or inconvenience.