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Sublime Enzyme Exfoliate & Resurface Home Kit

£55 inc P&P

OMS provides everything you need to give yourself truly professional results at home

Our kit contains each of the elements shown below, to make that a reality

OMS delivers up to 20 treatments of pure radiance, saving you over £1000 on 20 comparative professional therapies

• Exfoliate & Resurface Mask
• 10x Magnification Mirror
• Advanced Derma Cloth
• Luxury Headband

Designed to ensure your home therapy is not just an excellent skin treatment, but a genuinely 'uplifting experience'

Start your journey to 'pixel perfect' skin today

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Individual Product Descriptions

Sublime Enzyme Exfoliate and Resurface Mask (Refill)

£35 inc P&P

After just one application your skin will look and feel distinctively different.

A unique, natural, enzyme formula dissolves the protein bond between dead and new skin cells, delivering outstanding, immediate results.

OMS uses no harsh acids, abrasives or micro beads, which can burn or scratch and irritate the skin surface and lead to premature aging.

The Sublime Enzyme Mask contains a myriad of potent botanicals including; Cacti Enzyme, Wheat Grass Extract, Meadowfoam, Moringa Oil and a range of concentrated vitamins, all which have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

Refinement: Blocked pores are revealed and cleansed, reducing their size.
Resurface: Surface is left scrupulously clean, smoothed and polished.
Lifted: Skin is rejuvenated with a pleasant, uplifted sensation.
Cell Renewal: Our actives are proven to increase cell renewal, essential for a fresh, vibrant complexion.
Perfecting: The appearance of scars and blemishes improves with regular use.

Our bottle works on an airless pump system, super hygienic and confidently eco-friendly, so convenient and brilliantly economical.

Our mask refill is available after the initial purchase of our Home Therapy Kit.

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10x Magnification Mirror

£17 inc P&P

This stylish, high magnification mirror allows you to study your skin, pore by pore

It's quite a revelation to see your skin at this level of detail!
Natural light offers is the very best level of visibility.
The three sucker system on the reverse, allows for simple attachment and remove from any window or mirror.

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Derma Cloth

£10 inc P&P

OMS advanced Derma Cloth has a cushioned, waffle weave, sueded surface which maximizes 'pick up' to deliver excellent cleansing results.

Designed to minimize any damage between fingernails and skin surface. Place the cloth over your fingertips, then roll the skin, rather than squeeze to release any blocked pores of impurities. 

Warm water, no soap is required use to remove your Exfoliate and Resurface Mask.   

We recommend purchasing an additional Derma Cloth, specifically for daily make-up removal.

Use daily to cleanse and gently polish your skin.
Fully washable at 60 degrees.

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£10 inc P&P

Our luxurious, fluffy fleece headband is the perfect solution for keeping your hair up and out of the way.

The Velcro fastening is fully adjustable, to fit all.

Fully washable at 30 degrees.

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